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A young, skilful and passionate game development team based in British Columbia, Canada.

We transform ideas/concepts into adventurous and engaging video games.


Toki Logo | Studio Toki

We create Games

We believe in mutual development and success

Studio Toki is a team that is professionally trained from Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts) in Game Art and DesignStudio Toki is passionate about what they do.

Our primary goal is to use the experiences we have to form and make creative and unique games.

We have a couple of new projects in the works.
(More details will be revealed in time)


Enzo | Studio Toki

This game idea is still budding.

Time must pass for it to bloom

Small Robot | Studio Toki

A homage to the hack and slash, platforming game genre. Unique levels and a unique art style combined with thrilling game mechanics gives you a dopamine filled adventure. 


(more coming soon)

We do not want to stick to making games alone.

We would like to help you make your games as well, be it a big company or a small studio we are willing to give our skills and services to help you too.


What we can offer:

  • 3D modelling of environment assets and characters

  • Rigging and Animating Characters 

  • Skilled in Zbrush, Maya, Substance Suite, Unreal Engine 4

  • Concept Art/ 2D Illustrations


You can find out more about how we can help you or how you can help Studio Toki

by contacting us.

We as a team are skilled in most creative software from Adobe Suite to Maya.

We also use the Quixel Mixer and Bridge, Substance Painter, Blender and Unreal Engine 4


These skills can also help with digital marketing.

VanArts Class Meeting | Studio Toki
British Columbia | Studio Toki
Microsoft Store Vancouver | Studio Toki
The Core Team
Annabelle Au | Studio Toki
Co-Founder/Art Director
Annabelle Au

Born right here in Canada, her expertise lies in leading a team and creative direction. She helped create the company and fuels our creativity


Loves Legend of Zelda, Sailor Moon and  Final Fantasy 7

Rohit Reghunath | Studio Toki

Full of creativity and ideas, he created a company in Canada. Now with 6 passionate and strong team members, he oversees every project and helps where ever he can.

Rohit Reghunath

Is either way too chill or spontaneously combusts into fire.

Pooja Ballamurali | Studio Toki
2D/3D Artist
Pooja Ballamurali

Pooja is a character artist. Born and raised in Chennai, India, drawing has always been her passion. She will be the artist for any project taken by the company


OBJECTION!!... That autopsy report is outdated...

Rohaan Allport | Studio Toki

Rohaan has training in computer programming and many years of art experience. He will handle any animation and technical requirements for the projects undertaken.

Rohaan Allport
Technical Director

Day 500 of playing DMC5

Krishna Hegde | Studio Toki
Texturing Artist
Krishna Hegde

Krishna Hedge is an aspiring environment and texturing artist. He will lead the texturing process for any project undertaken.


Fun guy to hang around with.

Loves DOTA2 with a passion

Rishab Dinaker | Studio Toki

Rishab Dinakar is an environment and lighting artist from Mumbai, India.

He will be an environment and lighting artist for any project undertaken by the company

Rishab Dinaker
Lighting Artist

CD Projekt Red tier 3 sub


The endless bundle of joy and happiness. Our best friend and Mascot. 




We also have an international support team that helps when we need it. So we never really do these projects alone. It's a collaborative effort on many fronts. 

Vancouver Airport Farewell  | Studio Toki
Co-Founders | Studio Toki
Toki | Studio Toki
Other Services

We as a team are skilled in most creative software from the Adobe Suite to Maya.

We also use the Quixel Mixer and Bridge, Substance Painter, Blender and Unreal Engine 4


3D Models for Web

(click on image to view)

Our Web 3D modelling service allows us to transform products on your platform from Watches to Cars into 3D interactive models.


We can provide creative and stunning renders and videos of interiors and exteriors for Architectural Visualization projects. 


Architectural Visualization
Architectural Visualization | Studio Toki

(These renders were taken from a sample file)

Immersive Experience | Studio Toki

Using our expertise with Unreal Engine we can create a stunning, immersive and interactive audio and visual experience.


Immersive Experiences

Interactive, fun, immersive and unique augmented reality projects for your products and services to use made by us.


Augmented Reality
Sleeping Toki | Studio Toki

We convert challenges into active and interactive games, to help with learning and training.


Contact Us

Thank you :D

Canada: Annabelle Au

Mobile: +1 (306) 519 9790

GCC: Rohit Reghunath
Mobile: +973 36644255